Consent to record and process personal data


1 General information 

  • 1.1 The below states the terms and conditions for Aalborg Symphony Orchestra’s (in the fol-lowing referred to as “ASO”) recording and processing of personal data about you when entering into a contract/collaboration agreement and for subsequent storage of personal da-ta for the purpose of contact in connection with new, potential contracts.


2 Consent

  • 2.1 On the signing of these terms and conditions, you consent to ASO being entitled to record and process the personal data that are stated in this consent form. Consent is not necessary for personal data that are necessary to process in connection with the contract entered into. Your consent is necessary in relation to personal data that are not necessary in order to per-form the contract entered into in pursuance of the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data and the General Data Protection Regulation.


3 Data processor/data controller

3.1 To you, ASO has the direct responsibility for the personal data processing regarding your data and has the authority to dispose of the data that are part of the processing.

3.2 ASO is considered the data controller.

3.2.1 Identification of ASO: Aalborg Symfoniorkester Musikkens Plads 1 DK-9000 Aalborg CVR number 44 40 00 14 Telephone: +45 95 13 19 55 e-mail address:


4 General data

4.1 ASO records a number of data about you as a person. These data are: first name, middle name, surname, gender and civil registration number/CVR number, account number. Fur-thermore, we record some contact information including your phone numbers, address and e-mail address.

4.2 We also record the concerts in which you have performed. We would also like to process and store the PR material provided by you, including your updated CV and photos in high resolution and the interviews given in connection with concerts.

4.3 ASO photographs and/or records video/sound from rehearsals and concerts. Photos, sound recordings and video recordings will be used in accordance with the contract entered into and may also be used for ASO’s marketing of concerts. This material will not be trans-ferred to any third party.

4.4 You will be able to point out that you do not wish to be in any photos/videos before the commencement of any photographing and/or video recording.

If you do not ask to be ex-empted, your presence will constitute consent to ASO’s photographing and/or video re-cording and consent to ASO – for the above purposes and the purposes defined in each con-tract – being entitled to use the photographs and/or sound recordings/videos of you to mar-ket Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and for the purposes specifically stated in each contract.


5 Purpose

5.1 The purpose of ASO’s processing of the general data stated in clause 4 is for ASO to per-form the contract in accordance with the content of the contract and to ensure correct set-tlement and reporting to relevant authorities regarding settlement/earnings in connection with the contract entered into.

5.2 The purpose of processing data that are not necessary to store and process according to the agreement entered into once the concerts have been held is to build a database with infor-mation about the artists that previously performed in concerts together with Aalborg Sym-phony Orchestra in order to make easier the future work of finding artists that would be suitable to perform in future concerts.


6 Collection of data

6.1 The majority of the data that ASO records about you, you personally provide through the material that you forward in connection with the conclusion of each contract. Furthermore, we collect photo and sound material at rehearsals and material from the coverage of each event.


7 Access to data  

7.1 Access to data recorded about you at ASO has been categorised relative to the data in ques-tion.

7.1.1 General Internally in ASO’s organisation, various employees will have access to various types of data. ASO has made an organisational categorisation of that access so that no em-ployee has access to data which the employee in question does not need for his or her job assignments. All employees at ASO which may have access to personal data are subject to confidentiality in their employment agreements. Confidentiality also applies after the ter-mination of employment. To the extent that ASO discloses the data recorded about you to any third party, this will only be by agreement in order to ensure that no third party will use your data except for the purpose of doing the task that the agreement with ASO concerns.

7.1.2 In connection with events, Fonden Musikkens Hus Nordjylland, CVR number 25724453, will have access to the following data: Name and occupation.

7.1.3 PR material will be disclosed to the press prior to each event.

7.2 If ASO would like to disclose data about you that are not covered by the above, you will be asked for your consent in each specific case unless ASO is subject to statutory surrender of the data.


8 Use of data processors and sub-processors

8.1 For the operation of ASO’s services, ASO uses data processors and sub-processors and concludes data processing agreements with them provided that the data processors and sub- processors maintain security measures equivalent to or better than the security measures undertaken by ASO, see section 11 below.

8.2 ASO’s data processors and sub-processors are located in the EU.


9 Your rights

9.1 Right of access You are at all times entitled to contact ASO by using the address stated in clause 3 above to request information, i.a. about which data ASO has recorded about you, which purpose the recording serves, which categories of personal data and recipients of da-ta there might be and information about the origin of the data. You are entitled to receive a copy of the personal data which ASO processes about you. In case several copies are requested, ASO is entitled to charge a reasonable fee based on the administrative costs. If you would like to receive a copy of your personal data, please send a written request to together with documentation that you are that relevant person.

9.2 Right to rectification You are entitled to have incorrect personal data about you corrected by ASO without undue delay. If you become aware of errors in the data that ASO has rec-orded about you, you are encouraged to contact ASO by using the address stated in clause 3 so that the data can be corrected.

9.3 Right to deletion You are entitled to have your personal data deleted by ASO without un-due delay, e.g. if ASO no longer has a purpose for processing your personal data or if you revoke your consent and ASO has no other legal basis to process your personal data etc. If ASO can prove strong, legitimate reasons to the continued processing and these reasons take priority over your interests, rights and freedoms or if the processing is necessary to de-termine, enforce or defend a legal claim, ASO is not obliged to delete your personal data

9.4 Right to limit processing You are entitled to obtain from ASO a limitation of ASO’s pro-cessing of your personal data, for example if you contest the accuracy of your personal data.

9.5 Right to data portability You are entitled to receive your personal data from ASO in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and are entitled to transfer your data to a different data controller, e.g. if ASO’s processing of your personal data is based on your consent or the processing is done automatically.

9.6 Right to object You are at all times entitled to object against ASO’s processing of your personal data of reasons that relate to your specific situation if the processing is based on i.a. lawful interests, including profiling. If you object to the processing, ASO is no longer entitled to process your personal data un-less ASO can prove strong, legitimate reasons to the continued processing and these rea-sons take priority over your interests, rights and freedoms or if the processing is necessary to determine, enforce or defend a legal claim. You are also entitled to not be the subject of a decision solely based on automatised pro-cessing, including profiling, which has legal effect for you or which significantly affects you in a similar way.

9.7 Right to revoke consent You are at all times entitled to revoke your consent to ASO’s processing of your personal data. If you revoke your consent, note that ASO in certain cas-es, e.g. if ASO has a different legal basis to process your data, is entitled to continue the processing. You will be informed in such cases. See also the above descriptions of your rights.

9.8 Right to complain You are at all times entitled to file a complaint with a supervising au-thority regarding ASO’s processing of your personal data.


10 Deletion of data

10.1 ASO would like to store and process your personal data until you either stop being an ac-tive artist or until you turn 70 years old, whichever comes first. If data have been recorded that you would like to have deleted, please contact ASO. In that case, ASO will delete the data that have been recorded about you in ASO’s records, see clause 9.3.

10.2 If the data which ASO has recorded about you are deleted, it will no longer be possible for ASO to be made aware of you when searching the database for artists which have previ-ously been used by Aalborg Symphony Orchestra.


11 Security

11.1 The processing of your data which is partly done by ASO, partly by data processors ap-pointed by ASO, is subject to strict security requirements by ASO. ASO’s and the data processor’s IT systems are subject to physical, logical a well as organisational security measures.

11.2 The processing of your data that is performed by external data processors is subject to sim-ilar security requirements, and the data processed may only be used to perform the external data processor’s agreement with ASO.


12 Automatic decisions, including profiling

12.1 ASO does not normally use your personal data for the purpose of making automated deci-sions. However, ASO may be obliged to do so in pursuance of legislation in which case ASO will inform you of such processing and allow you to object.